Examples Of Quarrels In The Outsiders

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In SE Hinton’s book, The Outsiders, there are two gangs, the Greasers and the Socs. The Socs are the rich, west-side kids. The greasers are the poor, scraggly kids. These groups love to get into it with each other. Johnny, a greaser, killed Bob Shelton who is a Soc. These to have a history of quarrels and stick-ups. I believe that Johnny is not justified in what he did and is guilty because he had the intent to kill a Soc for attacking him before and wanted revenge, he killed the wrong person, and he was carrying a concealed switchblade. The first reason that leads me to believe that Johnny is guilty is that he wanted revenge because the socs had attacked him before. The text tell us that after the attack, Johnny started carrying “in his back
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