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Rhetorical Situation 1 When I first asked my parents for a phone, they said no, so I had to convice them why I needed one and what the benefit would be. I ended up convincing them to get me a phone, but I still had restrictions on what I could and couldn't do. This rhetorical situation appealed a lot to ethos because I was expalining to my parents why they should trust me with a phone. Exigence: I was motivated to convince them to get me a phone so that I could talk to my friends, play games on it, and to be able to use social media. Almost all of my friends had one, so I kind of felt left out by not having one and that motivated me to ask my parents for one. Rhetors: I was the rhetor of this rhetorical situation because I started the discorse and i was guiding it by …show more content…

Also, the convincing side was sort of a constraint because I had to pursuade them otherwise. Rhetorical Situation 2 When I was in debate class, I had to debate over a topic and convince the audince to how I was right and how my opponents were wrong. My team used clear arguments and we pointed out errors in our opponents arguments, so we ended up winning the debate. This rhetorical situation was most likely logos because we were logically explaining our arguments and using facts to get people to agree with us. Exigence: My team was motivated to do well and to sway the audience over to our side. We were aminly motivated to do well because our debate teacher was basically grading on how we presented ourselves, how clearly the arguments where expressed, and if we could counter our opponents arguments. We were also motivated to make the audience believe our arguments because, at the end, they voted on which side they agreed with. Rhetors: My team and our opponents were the rhetors. We both were leading the discourse and expressing points and

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