Examples Of The 7 Deadly Sins In Hamlet

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Through life there are many sins that have the potential to keep us from a
Heavenly afterlife. These ungodly acts are titled The 7 Deadly Sins, which are: Greed
Wrath, Vanity,Envy, Lust, Gluttony and Sloth. The father of these sins is Sloth, or
Living a life of laziness and carelessness will bring about the idea that nothing matters,creating a sinful mindset. This shows as young Hamlet struggles with his father's death.
He does nothing with his life for a long time. He walks and dresses in black. When someone is lazy with their life, no matter what the reason is, they become distracted and wrath builds up in their hearts. We see this in Hamlet as he begins to hate everything around him and lives in depression. Although he had good …show more content…

Claudius became so slothful and envious that he murdered King Hamlet, his own brother(Act 1, scene 5, line 40). Without Sloth, none of the other sins would be brought about in this play. If Claudius had a work ethic he might have been able to have the same powers and glory that his brother possessed. The sin caused by sloth also lead to make Claudius even worse. He married his sister in law and had to sin much more in order to cover his tracks(Act 1, Scene 5, line 44). The new king was even too lazy to cover his own lies and protect himself, which causes much heartbreak in the end. The king kills his new wife because he was too lazy to kill young Hamlet himself(Act 5, scene 2, line 316). The king tried to get Laertes to kill Hamlet to protect himself. As a backup plan, he mixes a poison in hopes that Hamlet would drink it. The queens drinks from Hamlets cup and is killed by her husband. If Claudius had just taken action he wouldn't have lost his wife. Clausius was even prideful from his acts. So prideful that he let his wife drink from the cup to ensure his own safety. It could be argued that being lazy could keep you from doing anything, therefore not sinning. But it is ungodly to do nothing. Slothness will keep you from doing good, cause envy, pride, and wrath and ultimately strip you from Heavenly

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