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Through out the nineteenth century countries from all around the world were progressively advancing and interacting. Not all the interactions that these countries had were considered good or beneficial, in fact, many weren’t. This is shown by three different primary writings from the time, Excerpt from Latin America: Its Rise and Progress written by Francisco García Calderón, letter to Queen Victoria written by Lin Zexu in 1839 and Travels in West Africa by Mary Kingsley. All of these include one country criticizing another and/or mal interactions. In an excerpt from Latin America: Its Rise and Progress written by Francisco García Calderón, he criticizes the U.S. policy and private commercial interests for exploiting Latin American. In the…show more content…
The main reason for the letter was to try to get England to help China stop the illegal import of Opium into China. It was such a immediate concern of the Chinese because of how dangerous it was to the civilians. He even stresses how not only is it illegal in China but also England, this is shown by the quote “We have heard that in your own country opium is prohibited with the utmost strictness and severity–this is a strong proof that you know full well how hurtful it is to mankind. Since then you do not permit it to injure your own country, you ought not to have the injurious drug transferred to another country, and above all others, how much less to the Inner Land!” (Lin Zexu, pg 2). The Chinese were also very upset regarding the opium trade because of the difference between what they imported and exported. This is specifically shown by the quote “Not to speak of our tea and rhubarb, things which your foreign countries could not exist a single day without, if we of the Central Land were to grudge you what is beneficial, and not to compassionate your wants, then wherewithal could you foreigners manage to exist?” (Lin Zexu, pg 2) What Lin wrote there basically says that all the other countries depend on
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