Executive Order 9006 Japanese Internment

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The Executive Order 9066 is where the order for the internment camps originated from. It shows how the American government addressed the Japanese-Americans living in the United States. At first everyone including the President defended the Japanese living in the United States until the Niihau incident where two Hawaiian born with Japanese ethnics helped and aided a downed pilot that assisted in the attacks of Pearl Harbor. After that the fear of Espionage became a huge concern and the racially motivated crimes and discrimination against the Japanese-American’s, is why the Executive Order 9006 was signed and enforced. The order forced 120,000 Japanese-Americans with most of them being American citizens to leave their homes, businesses and American constitutional rights behind and spend the war years behind barbed wire (By, 1988). “By June, 110,000 Japanese-Americans were relocated. Two and a half years later, on Dec. 17, 1944, Public Proclamation 21 allowing Japanese-Americans to return to their homes was announced, effective Jan. 2, 1945. Not one of the 10 Americans convicted of spying for Japan during World War II was of Japanese ancestry. In 1988, the United States dispersed $1.6 billion in reparation to Japanese-Americans who had …show more content…

But it also shows that they were not the only ones to be mistreated and racially attacked and detained after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was unfair for them to have their rights ripped from them, no trial or no evidence. It was because of their ethnicity that they were gravely mistreated by the system that was supposed to protect them. It didn’t matter if you were a natural born citizen, or if you were of different ethnics of any foreign nature you were or could be consider to be an enemy of the United States. Even though the government justified their actions by protecting the people against further attacks, all they did was abuse the constitution, its power and ruin people’s

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