Expectations In Great Expectations

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A strong belief that something will happen or be the case the future called expectations. A definition the Charles Dickens expresses in his book named, Great Expectations. Great Expectations is a story of Pip, an English orphan boy adopted by his abusive sister and her husband, the village blacksmith. Pip’s uncle decides to introduce him to wealthy lady, Miss Havisham, and her adoptive daughter, Estella. Miss Havisham had a horrible situation, her fiance left her on her wedding day and never returned. She wears her wedding dress everyday, has the clocks kept on the time they were supposed to get married, and the wedding cake hasn’t been cut sitting in the kitchen. Estella is playmate for Pip, but one thing about Estella is that she was raised to break men’s hearts. Miss Havisham wants revenge on men, adopted a girl to teach her ideas, now Estella can’t love any men because she’s cold hearted and never been loved. Miss Havisham sent Pip to London and meet up with a lawyer named Mr. Jaggers, to be taught how to be a gentlemen. Getting him ready for Estella. Along the way he meets a roommate names Herbert Pocket. Miss Havisham sends Joe, brother in law, to give a message to Pip. He must accompany Estella while in London. During all this time, Pip finds out that his sister died. He returns to the village and made promises he couldn’t keep. His family and friends didn’t believe him. A lot happens in Pip’s life. The love of his life marries someone else, Miss Havisham’s death,

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