Explain How Does Nick Describe Himself In Chapter 1 Of The Great Gatsby

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1. What do you find is the most crucial in the plot in Chapter 1?
In Chapter 1, we are introduced to Nick, who is telling the story. He visits Tom and Daisy Buchannan (his cousin) and also meets Daisy’s friend Jordan Baker. Through their conversations you get a sense that though they are rich and have a lot, they are terribly bored people. We find out that Tom is running around on his wife Daisy, and that it is not really a secret, just something they don’t talk about and pretend isn’t there.
2. How does Nick describe himself at the beginning of the novel?
Nick describes himself as a good listener, and learned from his father to be tolerant of others differences. He was from a well-to-do family though their money was earned their money through starting a hardware business which his dad now carried on, so though Nick has had many advantages in his life, he is used to …show more content…

What is Gatsby doing when Nick first sees him?
Nick has moved in next door to Gatsby’s house. He first sees Gatsby looking at the stars and at the green light at the end of the dock across the water. Gatsby at first seems approachable, but then Nick senses that Gatsby is content to be left alone, like he has some purpose for staring out across the water, not just enjoying the outdoors.
6. How does the tone of Nick’s description of Tom reveal Nick’s feelings about Tom?
Nick can hardly believe that anyone close to the same age as him could have such enormous wealth, and he does not esteem that Tom spends his money so carelessly. He feels that Tom is patronizing to himself and to others, but he is also so large and imposing that he gets away with it without their reproach, though many people in town hate him. Nick senses that Tom is a cruel man, and capable of bad deeds. “It was a body capable of enormous leverage – a cruel body.” (Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby (Kindle Locations 121-122). Samaira Book Publishers.)
Chapter 2
1. What do you find is the most crucial in the plot in Chapter

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