Explain How Roads And Roads That Helped America In The 1800s

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Railroads, roads, and canals changed and improved America in the 1800’s in multiple ways, ways including exploration and expansion. Railroads and roads both helped travel and transportation of objects within America. Railroads and roads also helped get from one point to another in a fraction of the time. Canals helped mainly transportation with other countries and travel time that would accelerate how fast it took a ship to get to it’s destination. Roads helped expansion and exploration. Since the acquisition of the Louisiana Territory, roads made exploring and expanding extremely easier. After the Louisiana Territory was purchased by the United States from France for fifteen million dollars, Thomas Jefferson wanted the land to be explored, so he sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to do just so. Thomas Jefferson would understand what to do with the land. Roads also benefited in travel time. In comparison to walking or riding horses aimlessly, roads were created and they cut the amount of time spent to get from their starting point to their destination. Roads made travel faster because softer and less rugged pathways made using horses, …show more content…

Canals made trade and travel extremely nearly effortless for the time. A canal is a passage for ships or boats. For example, the Panama Canal, benefits with trade because it limits trade and dangerous travels. The Panama canal allows ships and boats to pass through Panama, instead of having to go around South America, making trade for less possible and dangerous. It takes approximately eight hours to go through the Panama Canal, while going around South America would take about four months before the Panama Canal. The same thing occurs with the Erie Canal. Not only did it make transportation faster, it also costed less. It costed 95% more without the canals. It made shipping to exterior countries easier, less expensive and saved an extraordinary amount of

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