Explain The 5 Components Of Dna

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The 5 components are Helicase, Polymerase I, polymerase III, primase, ligase.
Helicase: It is the enzyme that unwinds the DNA stands (separate the strands) by breaking the hydrogen bond between the nucleotide bases. It is used as template during DNA replication.
Polymerase I: It removes the primer from the 5’ end of the leading strand and replaces it with DNA, at adjacent 3’ end and fill in with DNA nucleotides.
Polymerase III: It continuously synthesises the leading strand, adding on to the primer. It attaches nucleotides in a 5’ to 3’ direction.
Primase: Synthesises a single RNA primer at the 5’ of the strand.
Ligase: It joins Okazaki fragments by phosphodiester bonds.

An enzyme called helicase unwinds the double-stranded DNA .Several small

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