Explain Why Early Jamestown Why Did So Many Colonists Die

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You’re sitting there, watching people fighting, and dying, so now you’re wishing you never came to Jamestown. In Spring 1607 English colonists traveled to Jamestown in the New World to establish the first English colony. The problem is that the Powhatan Native American tribe was already settled which in the end 80% of English colonists died. Many colonists in early Jamestown died. Early Jamestown refers to the years 1607-1611. Colonists died in early Jamestown because of the three problems. These problems were drought, lack of skills, and conflict with Natives. The first reason Jamestown colonists died was due to the drought. David Stahle created a chart on the amount of rain in Jamestown between 1560-1650 (doc.B). This showed that the years 1600-1610 was a period of drought in Jamestown. With no water, life in Jamestown was scary, and caused problems with Natives as both were trying to stay alive. Colonists in Jamestown died because of the drought, with no water, colonists could not grow food, so they starved at one point. The second reason Jamestown colonists died was because of lack of skills. Captain John Smith created a chart of the people going to the New World ,and what their occupations were (doc.C). Not all occupations were needed. In Jamestown it was hard for colonists to adapt to the New World because they were not …show more content…

Ivor Noel Hume inferred “ The [ship] and her lifesaving cargo returned to [Jamestown]...No one doubted that this supply of grain would help ,but it would not be enough to last the winter”(doc.D). This explains that the ships didn’t come back with enough supplies (food) to last till winter. For colonists it was scary fighting with Natives Americans over food because you never know if you will eat. Reading this passage colonists also died due to fighting over food ,and supplies because the ships only brought a certain amount that won't be enough to last till

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