Essay On How To Adapt Communication With Children And Young People

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A) Sight (with their eyes)– children use their sight to investigate the world by looking at things to learn their colours and look at different items, objects, things and animals . They can learn to recognise people by recognising their faces. They use their sight to see how things operate when in use. It is important to get them to use their speech and language to tell you what they see. B) Hearing (with their ears) – babies are able to hear from the minute they are inside the womb. A baby is able to identify the voice of their mother but it may take up the six months before they can fully hear. children use there hearing senses to listen to and recognise sounds I.E birds singing, animals and many other things. They can pick up on names, new words and instruction’s they may have been given. You could encourage the children to experiment sounds by tapping on objects and listening to the different sounds that are produced. C) …show more content…

This may involve them picking up something and squeezing it to see what happens, getting their hands messy in food, paint or glue to see how it feels on their hands or even stroking or touching an animal to see what they feel like. It’s important that we encourage them to use their touch senses as much as possible. We must also encourage them to use their language to tell us what it feels like and what happened when they touched the item or thing. Some children will pick up on what they like the feel of and what they don’t ( I.E sand

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