External Factors In The Outsider

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Many people all over the world have been told “it is who you are in the end that matters” or “it is who you are on the inside that matter." However, are these statements necessarily true?

Particularly, our identity is changed a lot because of external factors. As for statments, it's not right to say that only the inside of us matters. We get exposed to many things in the world that have a huge effect on our character. When someone gets shot by another being, that individual can have a scar and the shooting can decrease their self-confidence greatly. So it is true that who a person is and who they will become can be greatly influenced by the external factors that they are exposed to.

The most popular external factors that affect a crowd is family, life experiences, and culture. Studies have shown, that these really affect the public for long times, even their whole life.

Family changes people and how they become and act in the future. They can turn a rebellious child into a respectful one.

In an article on the Tatesman, they stated that the more someone interacts with someone the greater …show more content…

As a result of this, Ponyboy had to be raised by his brothers Darry and Sodapop. Even if it still his family, nobody can replace his parents in his heart. To make matters worse he lives in a gang and has to deal with it every day. Probably when Pony gets older he will not know how to be a good father or what its like to have a parent comfort him. In the Thought Catalog, an article website, there is an article about folks who have had traumatic childhoods that messed them up for life. Most of the stories happened when people were 4 or 5 years old. Some of the stories are so bad society would think that they should have been removed from the household. One story was that the father went missing for nine months and the kid was only four. That almost a

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