Fahrenheit 451 Book Report

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The story is based in a futuristic United States where the main character’s named Guy Montag. In the book, a fireman’s job is to burn books from the old days. After a long day at work, he heads home but before goes inside his home, he ends up meeting his neighbor’s daughter. A 17 year old girl named Clarisse McClellan. She recognizes he a firefighter and begins to converse a little while their walking. While their walking, she begins to ask him these all questions; and Montag is just trying to be sarcastic and naive. After he goes inside, he finds his wife Mildred, knocked out cold in their bed. He later finds a prescription bottle that was full of sleeping pills by his foot and learns that Mildred tried to commit suicide. So he calls …show more content…

The next day, Montag ask her does she remember what happened last night, but she remembers nothing. On his way to work, he ends up running into Clarisse once again. Clarisse begins to question his marriage and Montag gets very sensitive and vulnerable and tells Clarisse that she needs to visit a psychiatrist. So he gets to the firehouse, and he reaches down to touch the mechanical hound. But it threatens him and growls at him. Montag tells Captain Beatty there’s something wrong the hound and Beatty assures him that someone will fix the hound. Over next week, he see Clarisse everyday outside, but on the eighth day, he doesn’t see Clarisse so he heads to work as usual. At work Montag ask Beatty have firemen ever prevented fires. Then the alarm sounds, and they head off to an old house with books hidden in the attic. They push aside the old lady that lives there. They warn her to get out of the house, but instead she pulls out match and burns herself with her book collection while that Montag was able to sneak a book past the whole crew. Eventually, Montag goes home and hides the book under his pillow. Montag ask

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