Fahrenheit 451 Dialectical Journal

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Montag is thinking about Clarisse and the hound. He is distraught and upset that his wife forgot to tell him about her death for four days. The mechanical beast poses a continued threat for Montag.
Mildred is afraid of the books and the possible outcome that keeping the books will lead to. The parlour walls are considered relatives of those who watch them and people enjoy their company. Books are free of censorship and express real raw feelings.
Montag’s encounter with the old man was unique and made him question his position as a fireman. He knew that the old man was carrying a book nevertheless, he did not report the man. Instead, he stayed at the old man’s side and talked with him.
Montag went to visit Faber and asks him if he has any books in his possession. This question frightens Faber and he abruptly hangs up the phone.
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They merely provide light shows of burning homes and people every once in awhile.
Montag brings the Bible to Faber, who refuses to help him because he cannot trust Montag. Montag proceeds to tear out the various pages of the Bible to scare Faber into helping him. Montag ends up leaving the Bible with Faber for safe keeping.
The story told has been going on for half a century.
Faber earns his money by playing the stock market.
The green bullet is a two way radio similar to a walkie talkie that transmits Montag and Faber voices to each other. It looks like the seashell Montag’s wife sports.
The constant threat is the upcoming war and the casualties it will bring.
Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Bowles come over to Montag and Mildred’s house to watch t.v. in the parlour.
Montag asks to talk with Mrs. Bowles and Mrs. Phelps. He asks them is they have any children and listens to their answers.
Mrs. Phelps is not a good mother. She compares her children to washing clothes and slamming the lid. She'd rather let them sit and watch t.v. instead of

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