Fahrenheit 451 Censorship Quotes

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The novel titled “Fahrenheit 451“ has many different hardships shown throughout the novel. Montag, a character from the novel “Fahrenheit 451” responds, and fights back to injustice in this novel, in quite a significant way. The examples from the novel are “stealing books”, “Putting books in firemen's houses”, and “Escaping Society”. Different hardships are portrayed in the novel, but the main struggle that Montag deals with in society is the extreme censorship that comes along with daily life. No one is allowed to own books and no one is allowed to think freely. A quote that helps show Montag going against the fight to silence him reads, “Montag felt the hidden book pound like a heart against his chest. "Go on," said the woman, and Montag …show more content…

Tired of being censored, Montag decides it’s time to leave society and be himself. He knows about the scholars near the abandoned city, and wants to learn all they have to offer, so he can help the world. A quote showing how Montag has broken free from the extreme censorship in society reads, “He saw many hands held to its warmth, hands without arms, hidden in darkness. Above the hands, motionless faces that were only moved and tossed and flickered with firelight. He hadn't known fire could look this way. He had never thought in his life that it could give as well as take. Even its smell was different.” Montag is mesmerized by the fire because it is unlike any fire he has known. That small motion in it, the different colors, a strange fire because it meant a different thing to him because it wasn’t burning, it was “warming”. He is mesmerized from the silence because he is unfamiliar with it with a world of white noise. Monatag had the ability to talk about anything freely and without fear. The voices talked about everything, there was nothing they couldn’t talk about. It wasn’t only the fire that was different, it was the silence. Montag sees the fire as a positive thing, something that gives warmth, and comfort and not a destructive thing and changes everything, showing the change in Montag. His whole life, fire has meant death, destruction, and censorship. In his society fire has always been cold and unforgiving, so when for the first time in his life it means something other than censorship, he feels free. He is finally with this group of scholars who will help him grow, learn, and develop his own ideas. He can finally do something in the world for good, and share his knowledge with others when they truly need it. Fire doesn’t mean coldness, censorship, and destruction. Fire means warmth, freeness, and light. This whole new

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