Fahrenheit 451 Controlled Analysis

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In the book Fahrenheit 451 ,the government uses many approach to control people in the society. The government controls the people through fear and intimidate because if the people would feel fear to go against rules and laws. Governments which impose a law and a thought that if they allow people to read books, it will lessen their control over the populace. They don’t want people to introduced to new ideas because that would allow each person to think individually and they would go against the government. There is no hope for a people in that society which allows unrestrained suppression of beliefs or thought to take place. Bradbury uses characterization to help develop the theme that is governmental influence and controls. The government gained control of society by telling people what to think, instead of letting them think themselves. Bradbury refers to Fahrenheit 451 as a book about censorship because. Ray Bradbury introduces this new world through the character Guy Montag. The novel, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, introduces a …show more content…

He steals one book and keeps it from the house that he had to burn, though he never reads it. Captain Beatty begins to get suspicious and now decides to send warnings to Montag. "A natural error. Curiosity alone," said Beatty "We don't get over anxious or mad. We let the firemen keep the book for twenty four hours. If he hasn't burned it by then, we simply come burn it for him." (59). That was warning number one, and also a hint to Beatty that Montag is in possession of a book. Montag was unsure of what to do next, Montag decides to visit Professor Faber, a retired professor. They talked about how to reintroduce a book back to society. Beatty, now know that Montag have a book. He told Montag to burn down his own house, Montag burn down his house and decided to kill Beatty. Now, Montag turned into an actual rebel when he kills

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