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Imagine this, you are relaxing while listening to some cool music in your iPhone and all of a sudden sound stops coming from the phone, or you are in the middle of a life-changing call and your phone suddenly goes all silent on you. You look at the phone, it's still on and the battery power is nowhere near low, and it indicates that the music is still playing. No need to panic, this could just be failed speakers.
One of the most irritating things for sure in any iPhone is failed speakers. Failed speakers in an iPhone definitely lock you out of enjoying the many features that make the iPhone great. If your iPhone's speakers stop working then you will no longer be able to: listen to that awesome playlist that you have saved in the phone, hear any sound alert when someone is calling you or a text has
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Speakers not working is an indication of either a software failure or a hardware failure. The iPhone software is the one that decides which and when to play a sound while the hardware (usually llocated at the bottom of the iPhone) converts the instructions by the software into sound. If any of them fails, then consequently no sound will come from your speakers.

How to fix the problems
A hardware malfunction will require a replacement, but for a software malfunction, here are some remedies that can be tried even at home.
1. Ensure your phone is not on a silent profile
Yes, at times we may do things unknowingly. Check the volume buttons on the sides and make sure that the volume is up, or flip the silent switch to the ring position.

2. Remove the iPhone case
Perhaps it could be that bulky case that is not allowing sound from the speaker to penetrate out.

3. Restart your iPhone.
Just like when our computers hang, we restart and in no time they are up and running. An iPhone too when the speakers fail, press and hold the sleep/wake button to turn your phone off and then back on again. Restarting does not lose any data in the

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