Failure In Baseball

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Baseball has always been called a game of mistakes. When you are batting you fail more often than not. You are considered a great player if you succeed only a third of the time. Yet to succeed, you must move past your failure and forget about it. When in the field you are likely to make an error at some point, it happens to everyone, it's about clearing your mind and moving on. I have always believed these lessons help me in my everyday life and the classroom. If I don’t do well on a test, forget my homework or I don’t do well on a project I don’t let it get me down. I think learning what you did wrong, fixing it, and getting it right the next time should be the goal. A failure needs to become a learning experience that you can build off of. …show more content…

It has always been my main hobby and interest. Many people play baseball so that is nothing special but I like to think that it’s the way you learn from the ups and downs in a game, that can transfer to real life. Taking the mental challenges from baseball and keeping that attitude in the classroom. Some players make an error and then dwell on it all game which usually results in a poor game. Some students get a poor grade and they immediately lose confidence that they can not learn the subject. It needs to be understood that failure is a part of life. Don’t just brush it off but don’t let it become an obstacle, it should inspire you to improve. Through baseball I have learned that I can make an error or mistake, understand it happens, learn from it and make sure to not let it happen again. Successful players make the next play or get up to bat and get a hit, or crush the next test. Life is full of mistakes, but effective players and people learn from them. Personally, I believe it is one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned and I think my experience in baseball has helped to shape me into the person I am

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