Failures In Thomas Jefferson's Cloud Nine

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People can accomplish many great achievement in their lifetime, which allows people to feel like they are standing on ‘Cloud Nine.’ However, people can also experience failures too, which can make that day feel as if it was the worst one the have ever had. Many people feel this way, including former-President, Thomas Jefferson. He had many accomplishments, in which he probably felt good about, but he also had some failures too.
Thomas Jefferson contributed to American politics in many good ways. People had appointed Thomas Jefferson to a five-person committee, which also included John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and Roger Livingston. In 1775, he helped the American government by writing the Constitution. He wrote this document …show more content…

He petitioned for all children, male and female to have three years of learing arithmetics, writing, reading, and history. Petitioning for this bill took great courage, especially because the government had been at its riches point.
The United States doubled in 1803 after Jefferson purchased Louisiana territory from France for about 15 million dollars. Having just purchased this new land, Jefferson appointed his personal secretary Meriwether Lewis, who then enlisted William Clark to go scope out the terrain of the territory. Here they learned about Native Americans that inhabited the land.
No one can claim to have a perfect life, Jefferson is no exception. Readers can see this as they look at the Embargo Act of December of 1807. Here Jefferson, consequently in order to keep out of war, American ships had been forced to stay at foreign ports. “The crews idle and unpaid, smuggling flourished and British ships had a monopoly of legitimate trade,(Johnson, 2009). The government by doing this had made a mistake. By getting Congress to pass the Non-Intercourse Acts in 1809, the government surrendered, repealing the Embargo Act. This affected Jefferson’s

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