Fairydust Summary Chapter 6

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Fairydust is the kind of girl that will always get revenge on people that upset her. One day she could sense that she did something she never thought she would have. She came home high when she promised that she would never touch any of that stuff. Then she blacked out. The next morning she wakes up not remembering anything that happened and goes outside and stands at the cellar door. As she says to herself that she didn't do it and she wouldn't do anything like that. A couple months later she can hear a little girl crying and saying please don’t do this. She walks out to the cellar. She opens the cellar door and walks down the stairs slowly not to make any sound. She stops for a moment, looking at something that is glowing in the distance. …show more content…

Fairydust struggles to get to her feet. Fairydust motions them to follow her. She tries to walk down the stairs then she stumbles down. Gemma tries to help her up but she pushes her away. She fights to get back up on her feet. She walks her to the cellar where she tells her to walk down first. Gemma walks to the back and picks up the gun. “Why is this here.” She asks “ I can explain.” Fairydust says “Please do.” Gemma snaps “When I saw you with the boy back then I got jealous so i went out with my friend Brad. he got me drunk and i told him everything. He knows I like to get revenge on people so he brought me back here. He somehow knew there was a gun down here. He gave it to me.” Fairydust said but without finishing Gemma knew what happened. “You killed her didn’t you.” Gemma said without trying to cry. “You killed her.” she looks at the gun while saying “something you didn't know about me is i also like getting revenge.” she wipes her eyes so she can see Fairydust fall to the ground. She shot again, and again, and again. She walks over to her and kisses her on the forehead. “Hope you get your justice.” as she gets up and walks

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