Falling In Love: The Consequences Of Love In Relationships

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If you are already in a serious relationship with someone and you and your mate are bumping heads about the ex boyfriend/ girlfriend issue—you may have to denounce your friendship for the sake of securing your partner if they are terribly insecure. However, I believe that in a committed relationship there is nothing wrong with having old friends who might be exes—but only if there’s mutual agreement and trust between you and your partner. There should also be a mutual agreement about how much time and where this time can be spent with an ex. I know what I am stating here is not popular to most people in relationships, but I personally had had an ex from my past as a platonic friend while being married—and it was a very peaceful and trusting…show more content…
There is always the possibility of falling in love—but falling in love with someone that you’re incompatible with can be a huge trap for yourself—because it becomes hard to separate yourself once love sets in. I believe that it’s easier to love someone you’re compatible with—than to try and “become” compatible with someone you love. Think about that statement for a moment!

Falling in love is the most natural act of human beings. So let us not put so much effort in trying to fall in love—simply allow love to fall into you.

So take your time to know the person that you’re thinking about joining your life
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Allow yourself time to mourn the loss of what was lost. This is applicable to both the one who cheated as well as the one who was cheated on. Both people are emotionally hurting when an affair is discovered. Allow yourself to cry—and cry hard! Your grieving a huge loss—the loss of trust and security by your mates unfaithfulness. Dealing with an affair—whether you are the one who was caught cheating or was cheated on—takes away a lot of emotional and physical energy. Go for long power-walks where you can have the time to retrain your thinking by reminding yourself that life still has many beautiful things to offer you. You can also consider going to the gym for a good work-out—or for an exertive work-out that includes punching the heavy bag/ boxing bag, to expel nervous

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