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I don’t know a lot about my family origins, especially the details surrounding death. It’s even harder when all of your grandparents are dead, your mom is adopted and never knew a lot about their family either, and a dad that never wants to talk about his past and his family very much. Getting information out of them for this paper was a bit of a task, but I got a lot of interesting information out of them. I interviewed my mom, dad, step-dad, and uncle Gordon for this paper. I knew a lot about the deaths on my mother’s side since we have talked about death before together, but I was delighted to get the opportunity to learn more about the deaths in my dad’s and my stepdad's family death’s. I still didn’t get as much info out of my dad as I would like, but it’s to be expected, we don’t really talk that much about that type of topics. I …show more content…

Though his grandmother was cremated so that’s quite a difference. His father, mother and his eldest brother were the ones to donate their bodies to science after their deaths. This is quite different than what my mom and dad’s families do with their dead which is cremation or regular burial, although science donation is quite helpful to science and learning more about the human body and other matters of science. It makes sense for them to do this because my D2's family is one filled with many doctors, lawyers, professors, and those with high intellect. My family doesn’t really have any ethnic funeral/burial traditions when it comes to death unless you count my step-dad. He is from Irish heritage so they like to drink at the memorials and sit around a table and talking about the old days with the deceased as a big part of the memorials. It seems though that most of the family cremate their bodies and coincidentally my mom, dad, and step-dad all want to be cremated so it is very popular to do so in the

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