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Día de los Muertos
Dia de los Muertos is the Day of the Dead, which is celebrated in Central and Southern Mexico during November first and second. The purpose of this holiday honor spiritually departed loved ones. According to Niu.edu, it is believed that on October 31st the spirits of angels are let down to Earth from Heaven to visit their living friends and families, they do not depart back to Heaven until November 2nd. Most hispanic citizens celebrate this day by decorating cemeteries with candy, flowers, skulls, parades and more. To celebrate, families make platforms and offerings of food such as Pan de Muertos (Sweet rolls) shaped in skulls and other figures. Also, it seems that the most important part of the honoring process is placing a photograph of the deceased on the altar. This is how the mexican culture celebrates Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). (Hernandez, Aracely. "Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)." Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Northern …show more content…

Although they still fear it before it happens like any other culture, mexicans have learned to accept death and realize inevitable it truly is. Instead of mourning heavily, they celebrate with happiness and joy because loved ones are no longer suffering. Even children celebrate death, they play with “funeral” toys such as toy coffins and undertakers. Children even carry yellow marigolds to enjoy the processions to the cemetery. At the cemetery, music is played and dances are made to honor the spirits. In America, we react to death with the color black and many tears. Most of the christian religion is not as afraid of death because we believe that we will be in Heaven with God. Although this is true, family and friends still miss that person and that is what makes the event so internally painful. I think America should begin to celebrate death like this to decrease the pain one feels when they lose a loved

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