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The show Family Guy portrays a middle-class family, which has a stay-at-home mother (Lois), a working father (Peter), two children in school (Meg and Chris), a baby (Stewie), and a pet dog (Brian). For a long period, a typical American family was regarded as a family structure that consisted of a man, his wife, and one or more biological or adopted children. By viewing the Griffins family from a psychological viewpoint, it will be able to demonstrate whether the Griffins family is not an accurate portrayal of the typical American family.
Evaluating the Typical American Family and The Griffins’ Families in America have increasingly become more diverse, and more complex, compared to the “Leave it to the Beaver” ideal, where the perfect family …show more content…

The eldest is usually expected to be the most responsible and caring, almost taking a parental role, and providing protection and guidance for the younger siblings. The characterization of Meg Griffin, the eldest child, was that of a bratty teenage daughter who was indirectly humiliated by her family’s well-intentioned quirkiness. However, it is clear that things spiraled out of control as the seasons continued, with most of Family Guy’s characters growing a profound hatred for her, and showing a casual disregard for her well-being for no apparent reason. Boys even make outlandish excuses, to avoid going out with her. It becomes clear that the harsh treatment has had a negative effect on her psyche. In some episodes, she is depicted as being emotionally disturbed and fragile, something that is derived from her desperation for approval, love, and affection from her loved ones. The issues facing Meg makes her a more complex character who transcends the requirements attached to the role played by a quintessential elder sibling. Middle children in typical American families are usually seen as excellent negotiators, as they are individuals who are not used to getting their way, and therefore, have to survive as skillful manipulators. However, the middle children may also suffer from esteem issues due to the lack of attention or uniqueness, and usually dislike conflict resulting in them being taken advantage of by those close to them (Salmon and Schumann 17). While it appears that the middle Griffin child is not brilliant, due to suffering from a learning disability, he is more perceptive (deduced that Herbert may be a pedophile when he volunteered to babysit the Griffin children), and even an excellent student once he became chemically castrated. Chris embodies the middle child characteristics like suffering from insufficient attention, such as the fact that while appearing on promotional

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