Fashion Of The Fashion Style Of 1920-1929

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Fashion Style of 1920-1929

The fashion during 1920-1929 was era of vast change. This era influenced by Jazz Age and the wedding dress of Queen Elizabeth, which simplistic-shapeless and straight dress. The women hemlines’ reaching the predominantly mid-twenties flapper style. The memorable flapper girl in this era known by boyish figure-style, short sleek hair, and above the knee straight shift dress. Twenties also known as the start of prohibition period, crime and corruption reached a peak. Al Capone stands out as one of the male public figure from organized crime activities, his extravagant double-breasted jacket in dark colour with pinstripe or herringbone patters combine with fedora hats, two-tone shoes and cufflinks, rings and watches created booming appearance.
Women fashion in this era was completely opposite of the previous. In 1926, with genders blending-masculine looks, the ‘boyish bobbed hair’ and the ‘garconne frock’ was popular. The flapper girl wore a short simplistic-shapeless shift dress, short sleek hair, and had flat chest. This look exposing their limbs when dancing in jazz club. The shift dress made with no waist to blend in the middle class with the upper class, flapper also wore thin spaghetti straps to create sexy look. With no waist dress, the bust narrowly suppressed into boyish silhouette. As alternative, chemise was worn for dancing to jazz.
Menswear during this era dominated by the suits both in the city and the rural. In the beginning of the

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