1920's Fashion Style

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Fashion Style of 1920-1929

The fashion during 1920-1929 was era of vast change. This era influenced by Jazz Age and the wedding dress of Queen Elizabeth, which simplistic-shapeless and straight dress. The women hemlines’ reaching the predominantly mid-twenties flapper style. The memorable flapper girl in this era known by boyish figure-style, short sleek hair, and above the knee straight shift dress. Twenties also known as the start of prohibition period, crime and corruption reached a peak. Al Capone stands out as one of the male public figure from organized crime activities, his extravagant double-breasted jacket in dark colour with pinstripe or herringbone patters combine with fedora hats, two-tone shoes and cufflinks, rings and watches …show more content…

This era influenced by economic difficulty among countries. By abbreviated, there were sudden change during this era from low twenties waist to a natural waist which emphasized by belts. Feedsack Dress became popular to face the difficult time by upcycle sacks into clothing. Designers, furthermore, experimented with new cuts and new materials. Bias cut gown was favorited for evening wear which made from silk velvet or silk satin. Rayon and nylon were using for daily wear. This era also inspired by military style during rumble of war in 1936 which square shoulders with low …show more content…

The war also bring change in social and culture by the women entered the military service and the workplace. The war officially limiting and restricting the fabrics availability and the use of the materials used in the production by the L-85 Order. The materials and utilities that were needed for military purposes were restricted for civilian use, so the most popular outfit was a simple outfit which less demand resources. Hems reached a peak with fabric restrictions. Pleats and trimmings as well as jacket and trouser lengths were restricted. The metal used for zippers were needed by military and buttons were limited for useful purpose

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