Fierce Conversations Metaphor: Connectivity

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3. Fierce Conversations Metaphor: Connectivity According to Susan Scott, “the first frontier for exponential growth…lies in the area of human connectivity” (Scott, 2002, p. 8). Being connected with others allows people to grow, see the important things in life, and be human. Specifically, Scott reminds everyone that “life is about making connections, more importantly, a deep connection with people; otherwise, we do not know what it means to be human” (Scott, 2002, p. 8). Humans are social beings and in order to be social people must be able to connect with one another. If not, these relationships will be meaningless and a waste of time. People need to connect in order to have a worthwhile life and having others in one’s life provides it meaning, as well as, purpose. Additionally, individuals voiced in Fierce Conversations, define connectivity as …show more content…

She does not have must time to build a genuine relationship with any of her coworkers. Then, Cameron, Jules coworker announces they started a “seniors in life” program where senior citizens have the opportunity to intern for Jules’s company. Ben, a mature individual gets the pleasure of being paired with Jules. At the beginning, Jules is less than thrilled to have an intern because she prefers to work solo. However, Jules soon recognizes that Ben is extremely useful in the workplace and in her personal life. Throughout the film, Jules and Ben get to know one another by disclosing information about themselves and once Jules finally complete opens up with Ben they are then able to connect on a genuine personal level. Once this connection is formed, Ben is able to provide Jules with all the insight of life he has because she is ready to listen. Ben reminds Jules of what is important in life; such as following her heart and staying close to her family. Ben’s advice leads Jules to remain the CEO of her company and refocus her attention on her

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