Film Analysis Of The Movie 'Hot Fuzz'

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Mya Calixto
Professor SNvH
English 111
6 March 2018
Murder Mystery The movie “Hot Fuzz” is an comical action movie with a plot twist you would never seen coming. The actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost play the two main characters Nicholas Angel and PC Danny who are police officers in the small town of Sanford. This movie falls under the genres of comedy, action, and drama/parody films. The audience stays drawn in and interested with the clever, witty characters and how they handle the strange “accidents” that seem to occur in town. When the tone is displayed throughout scenes it leaves the audience guessing of what may or may not happen next.
In the beginning of the movie Nicholas Angel is an extraordinary police officer who has achieved so many things in such little time when his task force relocates him to the small town of Sanford. Now this is a complete change for officer Angel because nothing ever seems to happen there and it is half as busy as what he is used to. He is partnered with the Sheriff 's son Danny. Throughout the movie mysterious “accidents” keep happening where people turn up either missing or dead. This sparks curiosity in officer Angel because he believes these are no accidents but more of a murder. Nobody in the task force takes him seriously and they all turn a blind eye because the Sheriff gives orders to hid the real evidence.
The actors who play the officers really keep the audience drawn into the movie as if it was real life. They keep it

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