Film Analysis: The Crazies To Say The Least

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The Crazies to Say the Least “David leans on the sideline fence, sipping his coffee, watching the game. No one has yet noticed the dark figure walking out of the shadowy woods beyond the outfield. Weaving like a drunkard, he walks right onto the playing field, oblivious to the game. He is carrying a shotgun. Heads turn, mouths falling open in the bleachers and dugouts, everybody staring in collective disbelief. David drops his coffee and jumps the fence, goes out across the diamond to intercept him, hollering, waving his hands. David, cutting in front of him now, keeping ten feet of distance, finally gets his attention. The man stops, glassy-eyed, head lolling sickly to one side. His gaze floats back to David and it is different than it was a …show more content…

Harder. Deadly. The man takes a wavering step forward. David draws his weapon. The man responds to him in kind leveling his. David retreats a step. Might be the first time in his life he is had a gun pointed at him by someone ready to use it. David: Don 't you do it! The man brings his eye to the sights, draws back on the trigger and bang” (Wright 1-3). The 2010 movie The Crazies directed by Breck Eisner staring Radha Mitchell, Timothy Olyphant and Danielle Panabaker. In the small town of Ogden Marsh, Iowa a toxin has contaminated the water supply. After a military transport plane that was carrying a biological weapon crashes into a nearby bog. The army suddenly comes in and seals off the town creating concentration camps to kill off the ones infected by the toxin. In this scene David and Judy are discussing the outcomes of what could happen to the town when Judy hears

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