Kettle Moraine Persuasive Speech

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“I hereby order you serve a maximum 34 months in Kettle Moraine Correctional Institution” the judge told Deshawn before quickly spinning around his chair, standing up and walking through what seemed to be an invisible door behind him. When it shut it blended rightwith the wall. See, Deshawn was a good friend of mine, more like a brother, and was getting sentenced for operating a motor vehicle without owner’s consent, which was stealing a car. He was never a violent criminal like all our other friends grew to be, just a bad kid. At least I thought.

Now it’s a little over two years later, and Deshawn’s getting out early for good behavior serving the remainder of his time on probation. It’s late, around 10, 11:00pm. August, summer night. Trying …show more content…

It didn’t take long for it to kick in though. After about 5 minutes he’s talking about killing somebody. Looking out the window saying, “If I see a opp ima fan him down”. You see’ we’ve been at war with other gangs for a while now. Not to mention the murder rate has gone up. It’s gotten a higher number than murders in Iraq, thus the reason we now call the city Chiraq, not Chicago. It’s not a game anymore, little kids and old ladies are getting killed. Everybody’s killing. Still, not Deshawn. I know him better than that. All of us did. So we start laughing, we don’t see it in him. But he’s on drugs, I don’t know what he’s really thinking. He starts looking at us with anger in his eyes, like he was offended we’re laughing at him and said, “Yeah, iight. You’ll see”. I replied “Boy chill out, you tweaking”. Suddenly he pulls a gun from beneath his belt then showed us and said, “Nigga this shit is real”. Trell and Rell begin laughing even harder. I’m chuckling too, but I’m more shocked and convinced the drugs are doing this. Though it’s hitting me he had it even before he took anything. I reach for the gun trying to take it starting a small wrestling match between us two. I tell him, “Boy you need to face it. You aint a killer nigga, you better than that”. He finally releases my grip of the gun and points it at my head, he said “Nah YOU need to face it. Bitch I know what I’m doing, this shit easy”. Suddenly the laughter stopped. We’re all surprised now. Looking in his eyes I can see he made up his mind. Rell asked, “Where you get the pole from?” Deshawn fired back, “DON’T WORRY IT’S MINE. I been DYING TO CATCH A BODY and I ain’t waiting no longer”. But Deshawn couldn’t drive very well, being the reason he got caught for the stolen cars years back. He looked at us and asked, “One of yall gone ride with me? I just need a driver, you ont gotta do shit else”. Rell said, “Shit, if you serious I’m with it”. Deshawn smiled and said, “Iight. I’m looking for ABN. One

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