Freak The Mighty Movie Analysis

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There are many major differences and similarities between the film, The Mighty, and the book, Freak the Mighty. One major difference is when Max and Freak are rescuing Loretta Lee’s purse from the sewer, and Tony D. and his friends show up in the film, but in the book, they don’t. One major similarity is when Freak rides on Max’s shoulders everywhere they go. First off, the difference occurs in the book, as it states, “No way, I saw one of Tony D.’s punks stuff it down there yesterday morning” (Philbrick 61). This evidence shows that Tony D. and his friends showed up before Max and Freak got to the sewer. In the film, however, Tony D. and his friends show up after they get the wallet out of the sewer. The director made this change because

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