Film Analysis: The Dollar Menu

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The Dollar Menu at McDonald 's may appear inexpensive, but is the food as appealing as the price? After watching a documentary that exposes an unethical way farms and factories produce our food, it has made me thankful that I decided years ago to not eat fast food “meat.” Although I don’t eat fast food meat, Food, Inc. has made me reconsider eating fast food at all. Even though countless fast food joints claim that their food is locally produced and grown, I know that most of the items on the menu may have come from a factory. Buying potatoes from the market would be better than buying fries from fast food because it is locally grown and you’re being more conscious about what you put in your body everyday. Food. Inc, revealed a factory packing a mysterious, pink meat into a cardboard box that…show more content…
Of course it’s easier, but they are actually putting the cows at risk and the people eating the meat at risk because the cows aren’t being fed the proper nutrients their body needs. This also ties in with farms reusing seeds rather than growing GMO seeds. It’s convenient and cheaper to reuse seeds, but GMO seeds would make a company stand out if they were taking safer, trustworthy procedures in growing food we eat. Monsanto is out to get a small farmer because the viewpoints differ between the two. Monsanto produces the world’s top selling herbicide, and if any farmer in America is trying to compete with the profit of Monsanto, they will shut it down. They are the mastermind behind these pesticides that pervade farm fields around the world. Lastly, I don’t agree with how Perdue raises their chickens. I believe the chickens should not be raised in a small, overcrowding room because it’s inhumane and unsanitary. In the end, it’s heartbreaking to see that some of the most popular companies in our country today are in it for their own profit, rather than the safety of millions of
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