Film Analysis: The Trouble With Evan

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Watching The Trouble with Evan was very difficult. There were so many things this family could have done to make things better, but every time they tried they just kept falling into their own ways. Insecure disorganized attachment was quite apparent between him and both of his parents. His parents had the tendency to verbally abuse him quite a bit, yelling things that most people would never imagine yelling at their child. Other times it seemed the mother would be frightened of Evan and his behavior. One of the main things that really points to it being disorganized attachment is the fact that both parents verbally abuse him. At one point in this documentary his father even blows cigarette smoke in his face to try and get his point across. …show more content…

You see it peek out at some points in this video when his father is trying to keep a calm tone and tries to talk about Evan’s problems. They have the ability and it seems like they are doing well but in the end they just end up being mean. His father has a tendency to blow up and go straight to being frightening and mean. His mother has a tendency to be mean, but she also can be weak sometimes. She accused Evan of something and when the father started yelling at him about it she gave in and said it had probably been her fault. You do see her give up and just stay quiet during the argument. His father tries to be kind, but because of his past he really does have the tendency to go straight to

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