Film Summary: Beast Of The Southern Wild

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1. The main summary of Beast of the Southern Wild would be revolved around six-year-old girl known as Hushpuppy. Hushpuppy lives with her father Wink in Bathtub, Louisiana. Wink prepares his daughter for the end of the existence of Bathtub, but suddenly he becomes ill. Once he becomes ill, nature starts transgressing with ice caps melting and beastlike prehistoric beasts. This makes Hushpuppy search for the mother that was never there. Before her father died, Hushpuppy showed him that she has learned from him and she is now the king of Bathtub.
2. The films protagonist would be Hushpuppy. This story shows a journey of Hushpuppy becoming independent and learning to find her inner self. The antagonist would be the father’s disease. This is so because once the father became sick, the whole world around them …show more content…

The main conflict would be Hushpuppy making internal connections with herself and nature before her father passes. This is resolved because she proved to her father that she was now able to take care of herself. This was shown at the part of the theme that the gruesome, beasty prehistoric creatures bow down to the little girl. Since those were the most terrifying things described in the movie, once those animals bowed down, her father could pass in peace knowing his daughter is a king.
4. Foreshadowing was a major literacy event that occurred during this movie. This took place in many parts but the most important is when hushpuppy would hear for a heartbeat. This was a foreshadow because since it was discovered that her father was dying, once she heard her father’s heartbeat diminish, the puzzle pieces were connected.
Flashback is another major literary device in this movie. Throughout the movie, Hushpuppy has always mentioned how her father would describe her mother as one of the most beautiful things that has exists. The original occurrences of bringing up the mother ended up predicting to the future of Hushpuppies search for the one who gave her father

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