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Final Exam Chapter 11~ The title Double D-day is an extension of the previous chapter. It also is a second day of the operation, which means it is double also another reason she said this is because DJ Shelly announced this over the radio, and the second day in there at least twice as many people first quote. First quote ~ DJ Shelly made this quote on there because he wanted to persuade kids anywhere to come out for the second day he achieved this by using a happy time, And in the "it is using an exclamation mark. Second quote~ Ralph Abernathy expresses this because he wanted to make it clear to everybody in Birmingham that no matter what the policeman throughout them their minds are focused on freedom.…show more content…
Chapter 13~ the battle continues is one Carolyn McKinstry thought it was over when John F. Kennedy and George Wallace and he stepped aside, he also made the speech that night when he did. Did this all the young college kids thought it was over then and there and they were totally equal to everyone in the world but in the text it says on the day after a clan member shot and killed major Evans a civil rights person. Also, it was still really tough to get out to a white college and other things like that.

First quote~ In the speech Martin Luther king gave at the funeral services he talks about how life is so hard right now but it will all be worth it when it 's over has it says in and if you hold on he will discover that God walks with him and that God will be able to lift you.

Second quote~ John F. Kennedy speech he 's telling all the young adults and children that it won 't be equal for a long time a long time but we can at least start. I know this because in the previous chapter Carolyn McKinstry says “you can mean I can just walk up to the grand stairwell at pizza at the department store and order a hot dog”, he figures that everyone is thinking this when Bull Connor stepped aside and George Wallace stepped

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