Fisco Texas Roof Research Paper

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Roofing in Frisco Texas: Our Need for Safety

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs states that humans essentially “need” five things; one of the principal of those needs is safety. When we think of safety we tend to think of shelter, our dwelling, the place where we live. In metaphors, the four walls of that dwelling get the most notoriety. In reality, our roof is most the most important part of our dwelling in keeping us safe and protected from the elements Mother Nature can throw at us. A well built home can last centuries. The walls rarely if ever need to be replaced. But what about that all-important part, the roof? In North Texas, roofs can be need replacing many times in the life of the home.
Have you ever wondered how long a roof is supposed to last? In some parts of the country a roof can last as long or longer than its warranty. When you have to replace your roof you will hear about different lengths of time a …show more content…

Weather. In Frisco Texas the temperatures range from the single digits in the winter to double digits above one hundred degrees in the summer. When you add the humidity, the heat index can reach over 115 degrees Fahrenheit. The cold is not as hard on a roof as the heat is. There is much more heat than could in Frisco. The rare ice storm does wreak havoc on roofs, though, during the winter. Even with all the heat and cold, the number one cause of a roof needing to be replaced is severe storms.
Wind, hail, rain, hail, storms and of course hail. One of the things that makes hail so damaging to roofing in Frisco Texas is the size of the hail. The hail ranges from dime size to softball size hail. The roof does indeed provide great protection in those and many other situations. In short the frequency in which a roof needs to be replaced is mostly dependent on the amount and size of hail that comes in severe weather.
When that severe weather comes along, our need of safety climbs to the very

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