Essay On Wood Warping

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How to fix warped wood
It’s not uncommon to see wood that is ‘deformed’ especially if your occupation revolves around lumber. However, I come bearing good news. You can fix this! Wood is defined as being warped when it deviates from its natural flat surface due to stress applied on it or shrinks unevenly. Additionally, wood can warp as a result of moisture being absorbed and released. The uneven absorption of moisture is the primary agent of warping in wood. The warping phenomenon is attributed to other distinct factors. They include:
• Wood species
• Grain orientation
• Sunlight and temperature
• Air flow
• Uneven finishing on the wood
Wood warping can take form in five different ways:
• The wood can be bowed: In this state, the wood warps …show more content…

Ensure the warped region is fully covered. Additionally, make sure that the towels can withstand the high temperatures of iron. Drench the towels thoroughly as you wring out excessive water. It’s important to note that the towel should be damp and not wet.
• Place the wrapped warped wood on a flat surface that will similarly suffice the high temperature of the iron. The concave surface should be facing down.
• Set the iron box to the highest setting. Give it about 2- 5 minutes to heat. A steam iron is recommended for this treatment of warped wood.
• It’s obvious that the next step is pressing the iron on the warped surface. Slide the iron box on the entire surface of the wood applying even pressure. Hold the iron box in each position for at least 5- 10 seconds. Do not leave the iron box unattended at any point to prevent any damages on the wood but more importantly to prevent any fatal injuries on you as it may burn the towel.
• Check if the warping has stopped. If so, stop this process and the wood dry before using it. However, if warping has not stopped after a series of tries, try another approach.
Method 3: Using

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