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How to cook the perfect Boston butt in the oven

Pork is the most popularly consumed meat in America and there is no surprise as to why. I mean, who doesn’t love slow cooked, delicious, BBQ? Whether you prefer sliced, chopped, or pulled pork; a Boston butt is the absolute best cut of meat for the job. It is tender, juicy, deliciousness just waiting to be topped with a well-balanced sauce or stuffed into a potato. But how often do you truly have the time to hunt down the best BBQ or venture to your favorite BBQ restaurant?
Believe it or no; you can cook the perfect Boston butt at home. You may be thinking, yea, well I don’t have a smoker or grill equipped for a Boston butt or the time to cook it. This is purely a myth. You really can cook an
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Begin by pre-heating your oven to 250 degrees; be sure to check your oven racks and makes certain they are space enough to fit your Boston butt in before the oven gets hot. It’s not fun to adjust them once they are smoking hot.
2. Prepare your roasting pan or other pan of choice by lining it with aluminum foil. This is not necessary but makes for a much easier clean up. Then set your pan to the side.
3. The next step is to make your seasoning. If you are using my recipe above, simply combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and whisk to remove any lumps. The seasoning can easily be adjusted to flavor preference and I encourage you to do so! Have fun with the seasoning! You can also use some liquid smoke if you are concerned with missing out on the smoky flavor of a grill or smoker.
4. Once you have created your seasoning mix, completely coat your Boston butt in the rub. Be sure to get both sides and gently press the seasoning into the meat as you go. Once it is completely covered, wrap it in aluminum foil and place it on the roasting pan. The goal is to trap in all of the juices with the foil.
5. Bake at 250 degrees for 5 hours. After the 5 hours, remove from the oven and then crank the heat up to 350

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