Reflection About Cooking

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Cooking, it has been around for almost as long as humans. When humans first started roaming the earth we needed to cook to purify our meat and to also add some flavor. Today cooking is a little bit different than back in the stone age. We have mastered various different types of cooking throughout our existence. Cooking used to be essential to human life and to the progression of our livelihood but now we use it as more of a way to show our creativity. We have evolved to the point in our existence that we use food for many things than just eating. My mom is not a professional cook but in my opinion she still makes amazing food. She does it to feed us while other people due it show creativity. The cake shown is known as a galaxy cake. Many bakers love to make cakes like that to show their artistic ability and to test their reaches in the baking world. Many bakers like to vary their cakes. A galaxy cake is just one example but it shows how we have developed from just cooking to eat to cooking to eat and be creative. I have been influenced by cooking for my entire fifteen years of life. My mom and dad have been cooking for me and my brother for my whole life. I have been able to pick up some techniques. But before I started to cook more I decided that I needed to do a little bit of research on basic cooking and basic cooking methods so that I do not start cooking without any prior knowledge on cooking. I obtained a few techniques from a couple of sources. For cooking meat

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