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One of the most recognizable, charismatic and relatable poets of our time is Kevin Young. What makes Young the poet that he is? He has unique way of drawing comparisons with food and his emotions/feelings. In doing so, his poems create an image in which the reader will easily comprehend. In addition, Kevin Young uses a heavy dose of similes. These similes provoke images that are intended to describe the setting, mood, or tone. Lastly, Young has adopted a couplet or triplet style of writing. All these ways has given Kevin Young a unique modus operandi that’s highly relatable and enjoyable to read. Food has been considered as a staple of life since the beginning of time. As humans we relate to food as provision, security, and happiness. Simply stated, food symbolizes an essential need in life. Which is why one of the most pronoun poets of our time, Kevin Young, relies on food to give abstract ideas somewhat of a concrete relationship. For example, from his piece Ode to the Midwest: I want to be doused in cheese …show more content…

In his sort of “freestyling” technique, his small, chopped up lines helps the reader digest each line more delicately. It seems as if these couplets or triplets are broken into “bite size”, which in another light shows Kevin Young relationship with food. Lastly, These bite size pieces to the poem is what makes Kevin Young poems highly unique. In the end, writers and poets in particular have his or her style, voice and technique. What makes Kevin Young writing highly enjoyable to read is his ability to connect to the reader with what we need in our daily lives; food. And such has made him a talented writer. In addition, his analogies and short line style of writing is what makes his poems appealing and comprehendible to a reader. Many writers find comfort in certain things, and Kevin Young seems to enjoy his delicacy, as we can enjoy from his

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