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Documentary Reflection #1 – Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. is an incredible account of what really occurs in our food system in the United States. This documentary takes a closer look at the farming industry and unveils a very dark side. It is amazing to think that chickens have been re-engineered to produce more white meat and grow to their full size in 49 days compared to the usual three months. These chickens can barely stand since they cannot hold their own weight and are pumped with antibiotics due to their horrendous living conditions. It just doesn’t seem right.

Then, the beef industry is no better. By feeding these animals corn, which they cannot properly digest, it is opening the door to things like E. Coli. The problem is that corn …show more content…

My family has significantly cut our corn consumption after watching this, and we only purchase non-GMO, organic corn on occasion.

Documentary Reflection – Food Matters

Food Matters focuses on the fact that food can be your medicine or your poison. As a society, we have gotten away from knowing and understanding where our food comes from and how it nourishes us. The bottom line is that we have to pay for lifestyle and food choices now or later.

We turn to doctors to heal us; however, they are not interested in nutrition or even supplements. I loved the fact that only 10 deaths have been alleged from vitamins in the past 23 years. Doctors are so quick to say that supplements can produce more harm than pharmaceuticals. However, it is those drugs that are not thoroughly tested. I couldn’t believe that drugs must show two effective trials compared with a placebo, but they can run as many trials as they want.

It is awesome to think that we have the ability to prevent things like cancer since a normal, healthy body cannot develop the disease. Vitamin C can help with cancer but is also needed for viral disease and stress to prevent heart damage. Niacin is wonderful for depression or even a handful of

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