Food Inc Film Analysis

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A Review of the movie Food Inc.
The movie Food Inc. is a documentary by Robert Kenner. This movie riddled in various areas of the country, it begins with a typical farming era where everything was done the way it is supposed to , i.e. when cows were feed grass and subsidized corn and migrates into a supermarket that now carries what were once seasonal items all year round. It even features Eric Schlosser, author of “Fast Food Nation” in a restaurant asking wanting a good old fashioned burger, and also Michael Pollan, author of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma. Then goes off following the author on a journey around the country to different modern day feedlots, kill mills, breed mills, and grow mills. In its effort to show what has become the conspiracy of the food industry, its loss of
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For example, Oprah Winphry, who won the case against the Texas Cattlemen because of what she said about beef, Vince Edwards and Carole Morrison (Tyson growers), Barbara Kowalcyk and Patricia Buck (food safety advocates, who have lost a loved one to this ills of the food industry, a typical low income family, and good old Joel Salatin of the Polyface farm who is still farming and breeding animals the good old fashioned way.
Food Inc. highlights the journey of Robert Kenner on his quest to find out the source of the food we eat on a daily basis. In this journey, he opened with the way we used to breed animals before and how we do them now and the problems in doing this. The revolution of McDonalds moving the factory to the back of its kitchen to cut cost and then a Tyson farmer, Carole Morrison letting them in her grow house to show the ills of the way this need to cut cost is affecting how long the chicken are grown and the quality of the chicken. Robert Kenner told this story by covering all basis, he talked to growers like Vince and Carole (Tyson Growers), who helped to make us
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