Flappers In The 1920s

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What do people normally think of when they think of the year 1920? Well some of the things I think of are prohibition, mobsters like Al Capone, the stock market crash, flappers, and many many more influential things during that era.. The 1920’s was known as a decade of exciting change, and increased personal freedom. Women were basically able to be free and not have to live under the expectations that a woman usually had then. Many other exciting things happened to, like new inventions that reduced manual labour or just provided entertainment.

The 1920’s was a booming era, in America. New things were invented or were majorly improved. Many things that are really significant and affect the way we live today, like: washing machines, refrigerators, …show more content…

Flappers became very very popular during the 1920’s, the battle for suffrage was finally over and they gained the right to vote, women just wanted to have fun. At night flappers engaged in the active city night life, where they could be found at jazz clubs dancing and drinking the night away. Flappers also had their vibrant but distinctive look, they wore their hair shoulder length, dresses above the knee, and faces full of make-up. The age of the flapper to many women expressed a female declaration of independence. And despite the downfalls and hardships of the 1920’s, the flappers still managed to have a good …show more content…

One major event that really affected Americans during that era was the stock market crash of 1929 also known as black tuesday. The stock market crash was very much one of the main causes of the great depression. It was a result a various economic disasters, like: credit boom, buying on the margin, people borrowing money to invest, and share prices fell. Due to the crash thousands of businesses were forced to shut down, so that also meant people being out of jobs, which lead to the great depression.
As you can see lots of influential things happened in the 1920’s, which I now have a better understanding as to why that decade was known as “The Roaring Twenties”. It was a good and a bad year, womanhood was most definitely redefined, new styles of music were created, and new inventions were changing people's lives for the better. The Roaring Twenties was groundbreaking in many many ways, it really gave a glimpse as to what life would really be like

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