Floyd Wells: Summary

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A young man named Floyd Wells heard about the Clutter murders over the radio, and immediately he knew who did it. He could not believe it either, that his former roommate, Dick Hickock, would actually go through with the murders. Floyd had been the one to tell Dick about the families fortune and Dick had planned to steal it. He waits a few weeks before he reports this to the authorities. Dewey comes home and finds his wife making dinner, he is very excited because he has the mugshots of the two suspected men for the murder. Harold Nye visits the Hickock 's home and does not bring up the Clutter murders so the family thinks that they are getting questioned about different crimes that he has already committed. Dick and Perry are still
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194 This sentence contains a simile, comparing Dick 's voice to a drug that has a large effect on Perry. This shows that he has an unknown power over Perry. We know that Perry already follows him around and does whatever Dick wants him to do, but he also seems like he might be a little bit addicted to him. The simile helps enhance the meaning of the sentence by helping the reader better understand the situation. Comparing Dick 's voice to almost a drug for Perry helps the reader see that even if Perry tried to get away, there would still be a part of him that would want to stay with Dick. Capote probably placed a simile here to help compare and contrast the situation to show how Perry secretly loves Dick. Without this device the sentence would not be as interesting to read, the rhetorical device adds an extra piece of information for the reader to think about and to keep them…show more content…
But honestly it is so boring. I am not really feeling anything in my heart, soul or spirit while I 'm reading it except that I really want to stop reading it. I understand why it is such a loved book and why Capote is such an amazing author, because he really is. I am glad that I have to do these blog posts because it is giving me time to really analyze the text and appreciate things that I would not have originally appreciated. Especially his similes. Oh my goodness his similes are amazing, comparing peoples personalities to joyous, youthful rivers and comparing someone 's voice to a drug. It is genius. I wish I could write like him, and be able to come up with the things that he comes up with. This book it just really does not speak to me, and I am sorry, but I just can 't either get focused into the story or just enjoy it at all. I think that the story picked up in pace during this section because they have been on the chase for the killers. The first part of it was extremely boring because of how slow the story was moving, we got to hear every persons backstory and what they were doing, in detail, that day. But I am not one to enjoy non-fiction. Actually I try to avoid it, I think it is because I get enough of reality during the day that when I read a book I want it to be something lightweight and fun to read. I know that the point of life changing literature
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