Flu Vaccine Pros And Cons

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The vaccine market is worth 24 billion dollars and are protected from lawsuits if the side effects are dangerous or deadly.The flu vaccine is used in the medical industry to inject a flu virus in you to protect your immune system.They used this protecting you from the flu virus a common disease and it high points are in January-March. The pharmaceutical market makes it possible for the flu shot to be in pharmacies,clinics and hospitals.It was developed in 1938 by 2 men by the names Jonas Salk and Thomas Francis.The flu vaccine injects a small weakened virus in your arm or leg.The flu shot is very contreversial subject with both sides of the spectrum. The flu vaccine avoids a lot of deaths.According to Dr. Jennifer Claude it avoided 4.4 million …show more content…

Its risks are that irritates lots of parts of our body like skin and throat, high exposure may cause cancer. This how dangerous it …show more content…

The flu vaccine has claimed many lives over the past year.The CDC states that”There is a risk that respiratory illness in young kids and old people when they got a flu shot”.People that get the respiratory illness have a bad chance that they won’t survive killing thousands each year.In addition, the article “Why are so many healthy people are dying of the flu vaccine” Dr.Mark Geier(Genetisit and a professor at John Hopkins University) explains how this flu vaccine is more like an expirement than curing people .Therefore it proves that flu vaccines kill lots of people each year. The flu vaccine is a very controversial topic here in the United States. Flu vaccines kill and gives us extra diseases.Although getting a flu shot will protect you it is not very effective and it cause more disease that you don 't want to have in your body.If we do not stop using flu vaccines we might have more cases of GBS and loads of other diseases caused by the flu shot.When people realize all the bad stuff happening people we will take action against the flu

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