1918 Influenza Vaccine

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The 1918 was a time of war within our world, but along with the war between man verses man there were also a war between man and a deadly disease known as the flu also known as the Influenza. Influenza is a common viral infection that can be deadly, especially in high risk groups. With the world already filled with fear the influenza became a terrorist within our world causing fear to grow within the hearts of the people of Earth. As time went on,more lives were loss, a vaccine was later found to reduce the chance of getting this disease. A vaccine is a dead or weakened sample of a disease that is injected into a person so if they happen to come across that disease their body will be able to identify it as well as destroy the bacteria or virus. The influenza first attacked people who were in close contact with each other, places like military bases and prisons had to face the deadly disease head on in it 's early stage. At first it was thought to be a small dilemma that would be over within weeks, instead it spread like wildfire. “By noon, the camp’s hospital had dealt with over one hundred ill soldiers. By week’s end, that number jumped to five hundred.” (1918 Influenza, Paragraph four). As the flu continued to spread more people got infected and died. It still was no concern to…show more content…
“ .. strongly advocated legislation that would prevent the use of common cups and utensils and would ban public coughing and sneezing.” (Paragraph ten). Citizens so became obsessed with hygiene, hands had to be washed before every meal, keeping their body in the best shape possible in fear of getting the flu. Even with all the precautions that were taken they later had to fully realize how dangerous the disease actually was. “ The flu was a greater leveler of men; it recognized neither social order nor economic

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