Follow The Leader: Brain Game Analysis

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Brain game season 3 Follow the leader.
This episode shows how the brain can be fooled in many ways. The first example that was given was the six colored dots that were moving in a circle, if you focus in one color the dot seems that it is moving up and down in a straight line when in reality the dot is going in a circular motion. This illusion shows how the brain cannot take so much information at once; thus your brain makes you think that all of the color dots are going in the same circular motion. Another example that was given in this episode was a pair of eyes staring on the edge of the screen, the narrator of this show asked us to look at the opposite edge of the screen, while a pair of eyes was staring at the opposite side of the edge. It appears that your brain will not register the instructions that were given by the narrator, our mind tricked us and followed the same direction the pair of eyes were staring at. This is known as the deictic gaze.
The deictic gaze is used by human and animals, it is a natural instinct that helps you draw attention to particular objects without speaking, and this can be helpful for hunters to point out prey to others without calling attention to themselves. This may also …show more content…

In this game the man was smiling looking at the red hammer, since our eyes primarily focused on the man’s facial expression and body works we automatically noticed the man’s eyes and the was his face expression looked when he was staring at the red hammer therefore we were too distracted to noticed the other tools that were on the shelfs. Goes to show how much a little gaze can distract our minds. The reason why we easily get so distracted is because all of the information is taken by the retina that gets passed along to different parts the brain that control attention eventually the information winds up in your amygdala which determines if what we are seeing is a threat or

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