The Relationship Between Perception And Team Dynamics

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We all have different ways of perceiving and making sense of the world around us. What an individual considers a golden opportunity another considers a threat. Perception is the process of receiving information about and making sense of the world around us (McShane et al., 2010: 88). Perception crafts our understanding of the world around us and allows us to act within our environment. Perception isn’t a notion a manager or team leader can directly access or fix in others. An understanding of how this factor impacts a person’s view of the work environment is what a manager or team leader needs. Differences in perception can cause problems such as judgment and decision-making. Nowadays, team significance has become a key focus in the corporate …show more content…

This process of perceiving something is a truly complex one that is often shaped by individual fixed opinions regarding various issues. Hence, it is possible for two people to look at the same object and still manage to perceive it in wholly different ways. Occasionally, there are various aspects that contribute themselves to a more fixed sort of perception than others, even if there will be some differences as a result of individual characteristics and cognitive …show more content…

Therefore, perception impacts team dynamics through the manner in which the members that make up the team view the formal factors in the organization, such as the goals and their expected roles in achieving them. The reason perception affects this process is because if the team members can’t perceive the goal of the team properly then they might not be working towards it. Ultimately, the team faces a gap between what is required of the individuals and what is actually being done. For instance, an online shopping store has identified its main corporate goal is to gain trust and confidence of its clients, built on its promise to deliver orders to their destinations as promised, the manner in which the employees perceive this goal will affect the way in which they work toward accomplishing it. Employees may not have the same understanding of this statement. In this sense, two employees faced with same goals, perceive it in different manners that lead to various reactions in contrast to the expectations by the store that its employees will comply with this

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