Food Diary Assignment

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Through this food diary assignment, I have learned that I have a somewhat healthy diet, but it would be good for me to add some more nutritious foods to my diet. Through this analysis, I will discuss the ranges and limits of specific nutrients, and what my average levels were for the two days that I recorded for this assignment.
According to my nutrient intake reports, my intake of calories, fiber, and cholesterol were all under or at the target value. The target value of calories is 2000 while my average value was only 1271 calories. The target for cholesterol is less than 300 mg, and I achieved that with an average of 126 mg. For dietary fiber, the target level is 25 g, and I only got an average of 13 g. My average distribution of calories over the two days was not very close to the target values. The target range for the percent of calories that carbohydrates contributes is 45-65% calories while I got only 35% calories. For protein, the target is 10-35% of calories. I got 17% calories from protein, so I was within the target zone for calories from protein. However, the target range for fat is 20-35% calories, and I got 52% calories from fat. I got much more calories from fat than is recommended in the target zone.
My intake of grains was under the target zone. The target is 6oz, and I only had an average …show more content…

My mom buys our groceries, and she has to eat a low sodium diet, so most of the stuff at my house is unsalted, lightly salted, or low sodium. Also my mother makes dinner, and she doesn’t cook with any salt. I usually eat with my family, so most of what I eat does not have much sodium content in it. The cultural influences on my diet might include the fact that portion sizes in our country are much larger than they probably should be. Also, there are less healthy options, and whole grains are not as prevalent. Things are mostly made with white flour unless you specifically seek out whole

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