Food Desert Research Paper

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According to, Access to healthy and reasonable food can be a challenge for rural residents, unrelatedly of income level. Due to financial factors such as a low capacity of trades, many rural areas lack food shops and could be considered “food deserts.” Which are areas where there is limited availability of fresh, affordable foods. People who shop at rural communities may trust on less expensive and less nutritious options, such as those available at a gas station convenience store, than take a long drive to the grocery store that stocks fresh produce, milk, eggs, and other staples. In this paper I’m going to be talking about the effects of food deserts and how it effects peoples lives, how being in Rural cities such…show more content…
It’s shown that rates of food insecurity among rural households are generally higher than urban households. The irony is that many of these food-insecure households are in the very rural and farm communities whose productivity feeds the world and provides low-cost wholesome food for American consumers (Feeding The US Department of Agriculture states that 17% of rural households are food insecure, or an estimated 3.3 million households, and in the 17% of rural house holds are below the federal poverty line. Next I’ll be showing how food insecurity can have two aspects to it, it can either cause obesity, or starvation.

According to Journal of Community Health Nursing, Rural communities face unique challenges when it comes to obesity prevention. Distances between the home and opportunities for activity and healthy eating can cost a heavy load on families, and rural areas often have limited remote and public opportunities that give access to childhood obesity interventions. These challenges, along with the challenges associated with the high rate of poverty in rural areas, make it difficult to implement some of the healthy and active living changes that are often recommended by the childhood obesity prevention

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