Foreshadowing In Romeo And Juliet

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Chorus Prologue. 5-8 The Chorus is telling the audience what is about to go on throughout the story. The two rival families have children cursed with bad luck. The two fall in love and end up killing themselves. However, the deaths of the children resolve the hatred between the two families. It’s foreshadowing because Romeo and Juliet become lovers and they both end up dead. Prince 1. 1. 98-99 The Prince is talking to members of the two families in the street just after the big fight. If you fight again. You will be killed. It’s foreshadowing because they do fight again, and people end up dead, the Prince indicates his frustration and intensity of the feud. Lord Capulet 1. 2. 16-19 In a conversation, Paris wishes to marry Juliet. Then, Lord Capulet invites …show more content…

This is foreshadowing because the Prince states if Romeo returns to Verona, he will die, and of course Romeo returns to see Juliet at her grave, where he kills himself. Romeo 3. 3. 46-49 Romeo is in the Friar 's cell after the killing of Tybalt. The Friar informs Romeo of his punishment being banishment and not death. This caused Romeo to cry even more than he already was. Their is no poison being prepared, nobody is sharpening their knives, nobody is preparing for my death, no matter how much I deserve it. Instead they banish me. For being banished is just as good as death. The banishment places an invisible wall between Romeo and Juliet meeting again. It also shows the reality to Juliet that she could just leave him but she didn’t. Even when her father had scheduled the marriage with Paris. Juliet found a way to fake her death to get out of the marriage. However, not only did Juliet trick her parents, she also tricked Romeo, who killed himself when he heard of the knews. Friar Lawrence 3. 3. 119-121 The Friar convinces Romeo not to kill himself after he hears the news of his banishment from Verona. You are alive, which is a blessing. Your tears are childish and your acts display your unnecessary

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